We believe most people are happiest in the familiar surroundings of their own home
and because everyone is an individual we strive to select someone who compliments their interests and way of living to the best of our ability

About The Scheme

Those requiring care are generally the aged or infirm who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of no longer being able to live completely independently.
For a variety of reasons they prefer to continue living in the home they have often lived in throughout a large part of their lives, to be amidst friends and family, but without wanting to become a burden to those they are closest to.

With understanding between those requiring care and the caregiver, we've found there is an unparalleled level of assurance and comfort for those sharing their home with someone new, and initially unfamiliar.
Each placement typically lasts for a week or fortnight, often ending with handing over to a new caregiver before returning home, also giving you the opportunity to share any changes or notes of importance.

Those we offer support to come from a wide variety of backgrounds and need varying degrees of care. Some require little more than companionship and the feeling of security brought about by the reassurance of having someone to live with them.
Others may require help with personal hygiene, have difficulty walking unaided or may be incontinent or confused

Who Are Our Clients?

All clients are visited in their homes and their personal needs assessed, detailed notes are taken of the nature of their infirmity (if any), their likes and dislikes, the routine of the household, accommodation available to the Carer and nearby public transport facilities, etc. Thereby offering as much information as possible concerning the clients and their surroundings to the Carer before placement.


Who Are Our Carers?

Our carers come from all over the country, having differing backgrounds and ages, however all must have some degree of care experience either working as a care assistant, a former nurse, or, in some cases even having gained sufficient experience having cared privately, possibly having cared for a family member.
All our carers are able to perform the daily tasks involved in running a household, as well as being responsible care workers and companions. Also, in line with the National Care Standards Act, we carry out checks with the Criminal Record Bureau and ensure that they are legally able to work within the UK before commencing work.


Carer's Weekly Salary £730-£850
Additional pay for public holidays £55 per day
Additional pay for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day £100 per day
Reasonable travel expenses to and from the Client's home £40 max per placement

Should you be interested in joining us...

Note to work with us you must:
  • Be eligible to work within the UK
  • Have a minimum of one years experience
  • Have passed a DBS Check